Proud To Be a Freeloading Bum

I am a freeloader and proud of it because even though I go to work every day I expect my employer to pay me; instead of working for free in order to support my family and pay my taxes. As well as  afford the computer I use to write with along with the music,  books and movies that I enjoy listening to, reading and watching.

In spite of the fact that I’ve helped pay for my Great Grandmothers, My Grandparents and Mothers Social Security retirement; as well as the disability payments received by two of my younger brothers throughout my career.

Some time back my mother told me after she started drawing social security that she thought it shouldn’t be available and has followed up her opinion. By consistently voting for those republicans who have vowed to end social security for her children and grandchildren. Then after she became eligible to draw her deceased seventh husband’s much higher social security benefits she divorced husband number 8 on paper then remarried him once again on paper after she began receiving number seven’s much higher social security benefits. A couple of years after husband number eight who also became husband number nine passed away she dated and married a former high school classmate who is now number ten.

Whew confused yet? And to think that I’ve been dealing with this ever since I was nine years old – then there is my dad’s three marriages to consider as well.


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